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Puppet Soccer Champions

What is the one sport that fuels you up? That one sport that can change the game in one simple second? That one sport that can change the course of history for a team and with one simple change can make them, champions! Well, that has got to be Football. Soccer or Football whatever you call has made lives change with its amazing set of moments that change you from a supporter of your team to a supporter of the champions. Following the amazing season of football that has happened this year, the folks that made puppet soccer realized that they need something to spice things up a notch and which is why they made a game that only champions would play and that is the Puppet Soccer Champions!

Puppet Soccer Champions Game Storyline

This installment of Puppet Soccer makes sure the focus of the game remains on the champions of the world for the season. The main focus of the game is over the champions of the game and as always one player of each team being selected to play the game. This time the lineup is limited to the best in the world so the only teams that made it to the game were PSG, Real Madrid, Juventus, Atletico Madrid, Barcelona, Chelsea, Manchester United, Arsenal and others that were currently on the top list of championships so this is something that makes the spice of the game even better. Star players can be selected very easily that represent each team and as always, the different movements that allow you to score a goal into the net and defend the ball at the same time makes you the winner.

Game Controls

The controls of the game is the one thing that hasn’t changed from the first installment of the game and I consider this as something which is kind of unique and better. See, what most developers do is provide you with newer features each time they release a new installment of a game and with these new installments, they also provide newer controls. When coming from game A to B the user expects the game to have easier controls but seeing a change in controls that makes it harder for them, this is something that most people don’t really get used to. What happens next? The game developers lose a possible customer that they could have converted if it wasn’t for the controls that messed up the whole thing. But in Puppet Soccer Champions, you get the same control in every installment that you play for. This means that each time you download and install a new puppet soccer game, you will get better and better controls to have fun in the game.

Game Play

If there is one thing that the developers of Puppet Soccer don’t want their users to miss out on, it’s the amazing game play. Puppet Soccer Champion ensured the game play would be a hit for this game when they kept the base of the game exactly the same as their earlier installments making sure that the user won’t have any problems in searching anything inside the game. All he has to do is make sure that everything that is happening is being taken care of the right way. The bobble head characters are still extremely cute and delightful to play with making sure you’re not stressing like you do when you play FIFA. When you play this game, you actually have a lot of fun even if you’re playing alone. The fluidity is one factor that continues to be the attracting factor of the game making sure that more and more people are coming towards the game. Get the best game play that you possibly can. For more fun check out some parkour themed games full of fun and entertainment.

User Reviews

Similar to each of our reviews we make sure we ask the users and gamers how they like the game. We made around 25 people play this game and 20 of them loved the Puppet Soccer Champions very dearly. This makes sure that this game is in fact an amazing one and needs to be downloaded ASAP by you! Get the awesome Puppet Soccer Champions today and make sure you’re scoring goals!